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Lindenhurst, IL. Apartments, jobs, tourist information

Lindenhurst, Illinois Relocation Information & Tourist Information

Lindenhurst, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Lindenhurst-Lake Villa, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 6075

Lindenhurst, IL  60046

Phone: 847-356-8446

Lindenhurst, IL Official Chamber of Commerce Website:


Relocating or moving to Lindenhurst, IL? 

 For Information on local  services and demographics contact the Lindenhurst, Illinois, Chamber  of Commerce. Planning on visiting Lindenhurst, Illinois? The Chamber  of Commerce provides the best tourist and recreation information. Contact the chamber for Lindenhurst tourist attractions. For Lodging and Motels in Lindenhurst, Illinois the local Chamber of Commerce is your best source for accommodations in the  area!  The most reliable information in any area is always supplied by those who make it home! Your best source for community information is the local chambers of commerce and convention and visitor bureaus across the United States! Please make sure to visit the other Chambers of Commerce and Convention and Visitor Bureaus in the US by visiting our Nationwide Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor Bureau Directory at www.2chambers.com