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Grangeville, ID apartments, real estate and demographic information, Visitor information for Grangeville Idaho

Grangeville, Idaho Relocation Information & Tourist Information

Grangeville, Idaho Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 212

  Grangeville, ID 83501


Fax: 208-983-1429

Grangeville, ID Official Chamber of Commerce Website:www.grangevilleidaho.com

"Grangeville, Idaho is the heart of North Central Idaho where life is more about the outdoors, less noise, no traffic, few crowds, and bountiful views"




Grangeville, Idaho represents the center of commerce for many of the smaller towns in North Central Idaho. Visit the Grangeville Chamber of Commerce website  above for a listing of businesses and services providing assistance to visitors who wish to locate products and services in the Grangeville Idaho area.